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The Ever Change is a blog written by Flora McCormick. I’m twenty five years old and I live in the East Midlands, UK. My boyfriend and I live with my family right now while we’re saving up to buy a home of our own.


I called this blog The Ever Change because all of us are a constant work in progress, aren’t we? Well, I know I am. My strengths, my weaknesses and desires are always changing, and I think it’ll always be that way. What about you?


This blog is somewhere for you and I to talk to one another other about all of that – the superfluous and the sincere – all the while celebrating the good stuff around us and (hopefully) becoming better, kinder, and happier people in the process. I’m glad you’re here reading, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topics I’m writing about. Please feel free to get stuck into the comment section – your voice counts and your opinion matters to me!


What’s here for you?


I’m hoping The Ever Change is somewhere you’ll come if you want to feel inspired. Or challenged, perhaps. Or maybe just somewhere that makes you feel like “ahhh, me too!”. Perhaps it will prompt you to think about things you didn’t give much thought to before. Or maybe it will help you to discover ideas, digging a bit deeper into topics relating to your wellbeing, your relationships, your home, your dreams and your career.


Whatever the case, I hope you come to think of it as somewhere you can find content that has some value to you – whether that’s because it’s given you a nudge to try something new, or to see something in a different way.


Types of content


If you stick around for a while, you can expect to find:



A little bit about me


My name is Flora McCormick. I’m a writer for a marketing company, which means I write a lot of guest posts, blog posts, articles and website copy on behalf of other people.


I studied law at University and earned a first class honours degree, which I feel proud of – despite rarely telling anyone about it in real-life! My favourite subjects were Human Rights, Family Law and Medical Law. I really like walking, reading and writing, and I’m partial to a glass of wine. (But only one or two… I don’t really enjoy the feeling of being drunk).


I love a good horror film, and it’s my dream to write books for both children and adults one day. My favourite place on earth is Wastwater in the Lake District, and I try to live by this: “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier”.


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